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Dr. Chris Brown


Son of a criminal sentenced to death, Dr. Chris Brown writes from his extensive experience of loving someone through failure and finding grace in the midst of trials. Chris has shared his message of hope both at home and abroad, with free men and convicts, all believing they are too far gone, too lost, too broken to be accepted and lovingly restored by God. Chris’ unique experience and love for God, who also walked a road to execution, make his message not only authentic but life-changing for those who receive it.

CHILD OF GRACE: A Death Row Story

Dr. Chris Brown takes you on a journey of faith as he and his father discover God’s grace in the most unlikely circumstances. Come along on the journey to the darkness of death row, into the light of Christ, and through the pain of an execution. This book is a unique look at redemption through the eyes of a child who sees his wayward father saved on the way to death row and follows his own road through darkness on the way to redemption. It’s an amazing true story of God’s unfailing grace and the redeeming love that is available to all.

CHILD OF GRACE: Death Row Sermons

Child of Grace: Death Row Sermons contains transcripts of three sermons preached by Gary Brown at Life Row Church on Alabama’s Death Row. Gary was on an earthly death row, but he had discovered true freedom in Jesus Christ. Join in with a group of believers condemned to die but destined for Heaven.

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